When does Ancient Anecdotes update?

We update each week on Tuesday - unless extenuating circumstances (such as work, family, etc.) necessitate otherwise. If an episode doesn't come up as it's regularly scheduled, you can probably find out why on our Twitter @ancientanecdote

What sources do you use to research your episodes?

I gained a healthy appreciation for good sources in college! I list all of the sources for each episode in the archive. The places I most commonly consult for peer-reviewed resources, though, are JSTOR and a whole lot of Norton and Oxford anthologies. At least, those are the ones I've used so far!

Whose voice am I listening to?

So, I recognize that I've been using "we" for the other questions, but really it's just the one person. My name's Megan and I love ancient history, in case that wasn't already obvious. I live in Utah, I'm a cat person, and I'm teaching myself Latin for fun. Hi?


Above, please find a photo of me holding a cat. I don't know his name, but he was a perfect gentleman during our brief acquaintance.

Next Steps...

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